If you are an employee of the University of California in general or if you are a postdoctoral researcher at UC in particular, you will find valuable and essential information here concerning the unionization process of postdocs by the UAW.

Although the information provided here will be useful to any postdoc, we do not claim to be unbiased or impartial, in fact we strongly oppose the current unionization drive by the UAW. We are not anti-union in general, not even anti-UAW. We are only opposing this very instance of unionization of postdocs at UC by the UAW because we believe the process was fraudulent, dishonest, misleading, not open, not transparent and most importantly does not serve the vast majority of postdocs at UC.

The most important little known fact is that a union can be decertified! Please see the decertification section!


The second most important thing to do: do not sign any cards no matter what the UAW reps are saying! Please see the authorization cards section!

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