Make your voice heard!

It is possible to decertify the union. If enough postdocs act now the union will be disbanded and nobody will be required to pay more than $300 every single year from their postdoc salaries! Read about the decertification process on the decertification page and act now!

In addition, you may consider the following.

If you are concerned about the current situation, the most important agency to notify is the PERB (Public Employment Relations Board) since this is the agency which authorized the signed cards presented by the UAW.

The Regional Directory of the PERB is Anita Martinez, please consider sending her a letter expressing your concerns.

Anita Martinez, Regional Director
Public Employment Relations Board
1330 Broadway, Suite 1532
Oakland, CA 94612-2514

It is also useful to contact the UC administration so that they are also aware of the number of postdocs who are concerned about UAW. You may wish to contact the President of UC Mark G. Yudof.

Mark G. Yudof
Office of the President
University of California
1111 Franklin St, 12th floor
Oakland, CA 94607

as well as to the Office of Labor Relations

Howard Pripas
Office of Labor Relations
University of California
300 Lakeside Dr, 12th floor
Oakland, CA 94612

You may wish to notify the PRO/UAW as well stating that they do not represent you and you do not support them in their efforts in collective bargaining.

Please see also the contact us page!

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