Are you anti-union?

No, not at all! We believe labor unions are a good thing. We also believe that the procedure that leads up to the creation of a labor union must be open, transparent, public and should respect all applicable laws. In addition it should be free of intimidation, misinformation, secrecy or fraudulent behavior on the part of the organizers.

Since the unionization drive of UAW at UC in 2006 and 2008 can only be characterized as fraudulent, dishonest and misleading, we are strongly opposing the current unionization process. Note that if an honest, open, transparent and public debate does take place and the majority of postdocs does choose UAW or any other labor union as its representative, we will respect this choice.

Are you anti-UAW?

No, not at all! We assume that the UAW represent, among others, auto industry workers in accordance with the wishes of these workers. However, the presence of UAW at UC in connection with unionization of postdocs since 2006, we believe is questionable and fraudulent.

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