Once a union, not ALWAYS a union.

In other words the PRO/UAW postdoc union (or any union) can be disbanded, if the unit members (postdocs) decide they no longer want UAW to represent them.

You will find below the relevant information for the decertification process.

The UAW filed for recognition as the exclusive representative of postdocs on November 4 2008. A collective bargaining process has started thereafter between the union and the UC administration. According to law, if no negotiated collective contract is reached in one year, any other petition can be filed with the PERB (Public Employment Relations Board). This petition can be filed for representation by another union or it can be filed for no representation at all.

Hence, the best strategy to defeat the current unionization drive by the UAW is to hope that they do not reach an agreement with the UC administration in one year. If this happens, the following series of events will lead to decertification.

  1. On November 5 2009, a petition can be filed with the PERB, signed by 50% of the postdocs expressing a wish for no representation. The PERB will then inspect the signatures and ask for an up to date list of postdocs from the UC administration. It is important that you only sign the petition if you will be employed by UC on November 5 2009!
  2. If the PERB recognizes the signatures as legitimate, they are required by law to inform all postdocs that a legitimate petition has been filed for no representation.
  3. The PERB will also inform all postdocs that an election will take place. The PERB is responsible for the organizational aspects of this election and they will provide the necessary infrastructure.
  4. Every postdoc should then receive a letter from the PERB with ballots. These are then used by postdocs to vote.
  5. The PERB should process the ballots and determine the result based on simple majority.

Make your voice heard! Please take the time to register a vote: (whether for or against, just make your voice heard), email: and/or

Note: since November 2009 one of us is not a postdoc anymore. Postdocs are typically employed for 2-3 years and this fact is heavily exploited by UAW. They count on postdocs to not care enough about unionization on the grounds that they will leave after a short period. Apparently this strategy worked to some extent. The only way to defeat the current unionization drive is by speaking up even if you are employed for only 2-3 years.

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