Contact us!

If you feel that a UAW rep acted inappropriately when he/she approached you please contact us and tell us your story!

Or if you are simply concerned about the total lack of public and open debate on unionization, please contact us as well!

Or if you can think of better uses for  $300-400 per year (average for non-union postdocs), besides being required by law to hand it over to an organization for whom you did not vote:  please contact us and share your thoughts!

Please visit the decertification page explaining in detail how we, postdocs, STILL retain our right to decide if we want continued UAW representation.

Comments are disabled on this site except for this page and we encourage you to leave feedback, comments, remarks and questions below. The discussion will be moderated.

You can contact us directly at and/or


7 Responses to “Contact us!”

  1. ucpostdocs Says:

    If you concerned about PRO/UAW, leave a comment here!

  2. Guillaume de Lartigue Says:

    I spent a long time speaking to the rep and was concerned that they were unable to tell me specifically what they were going to do for me. I told them that I would rather not join the union but would be interested in hearing about what they were doing. They told me that I had to fill out the form to be put on their contact list. It now turns out that I have been signed up as a member despite making it very clear that I was not interested. They lied to me and I want nothing to do with them, not to mention that at no point was I told about having to pay $300 a year to be part of the union!!
    I strongly support any decertification efforts of this union!

  3. Anke Says:

    Thanks for creating this website. Very interesting. I do have a few questions:
    1. Who’s behind this website? So, the UAW/postdoc union reps are a bunch of lying bastards. How am I supposed to know what’s really going on here?
    2. It Dec 2 2009 now, almost a month has passed since the critical date of Nov 5 2009. Is there a collective contract (I haven’t heard anything), and, what’s going to happen now, one way or the other?
    I am so confused at the moment…

    • ucpostdocs Says:


      “Who’s behind this website?”

      We are concerned postdocs who oppose the current unionization drive by the UAW. Soon we will decide to have a spokesperson or some such.

      “How am I supposed to know what’s really going on here?”

      You are supposed to look up the applicable labor laws if you have any doubts. The law is clear on this and what we have summarized in the section can be verified by anybody. Alternatively, since the law books are humanly not very readable, I’d recommend contacting the PERB (Public Employment Relations Board, ). More specifically you can ask the Regional Director Anita Martinez for confirmation. Her job is to assist employees in questions related to their employment. She must remain neutral and she does. She does a very good job in explaining the labor laws in human language so I’d encourage you to contact her and ask for confirmation of everything we state in the decertification section. Her phone number is available at You will most probably get a voice mail but if you leave your name/number she will get back to you.

      “Is there a collective contract (I haven’t heard anything)”

      No, there is still not a collective contract because UAW and the UC administration did not reach an agreement.

      “what’s going to happen now, one way or the other?”

      We are in the process of evaluating the best strategies for collecting signatures for ‘no representation’. Once we have the best strategy we will announce it here. If we are successful in obtaining 50%+1 currently employed postdoc signatures, we will file the petition with PERB for ‘no representation’. Subsequently the PERB will be required by law to organize a vote and if the outcome of the vote is that the majority indeed wants ‘no representation’ the union will cease to exist.

      On the details of collecting signatures, stay tuned, once we have a good strategy it will be announced here.

  4. Anke Says:

    Members of the bargaining team hold a meeting this Friday at the Davis campus. I, and I think a lot of fellow postdocs, would greatly appreciate the active presence of the concerned postdocs who set up this website. Let’s have an informed discussion!

    Text meeting announcement:
    “Members of the bargaining team are continuing to hold meetings on the campuses to provide updates and address questions about the bargaining process and efforts to win a strong first contract. We also want to get input about how Postdocs can help stop the University from committing unfair labor practices so that we can reach agreement with UC in a timely manner. The date, time, and location for the next meeting on your campus are posted below.

    UC Davis
    Date: Friday, December 11, 2009
    Time: 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM
    Location: Moss Room, located on the 3rd floor of the UCD Memorial Union”

  5. ucpostdocs Says:


    Since the UAW repeatedly made the explicit statement through Bargaining Team members and other reps that they are not interested in hearing any input from postdocs who don’t sign an authorization card, I have to say that the message you copied from them is bogus.

    We have called Bargaining Team members numerous times and have asked about it and they always confirmed: if you want to be listened to by union reps, you must sign a card.

    Our position is clear: this union must be decertified because they acquired their authorization cards in a fraudulent manner and they are not interested in representing all postdocs.

    Stay tuned, it will be announced here soon what the best strategy for decertification is.

  6. ของใช้เด็ก Says:

    Thanks to the good things come to you.

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