Stay informed!

You might think that the whole unionization issue is all over but the UAW is still going around collecting authorization cards using the same fraudulent behavior they used at UC campuses in the past.

How do we know? We still keep getting emails from postdocs (the latest two from UCSD) about how they signed the authorization cards because the union reps were lying to them about it, later were informed by colleagues what they have actually just done, were directed to this blog and expressed their frustration by an email to us. Unfortunately there is not much we can do about an already signed authorization card. The best advice in such a situation is complaining to PRO/UAW, Office of the President (UC), Office of Labor Relations (UC) and Antita Martinez at PERB. How to reach them can be found in the Make your voice heard! section.

However, by far the best one can do even before signing anything is staying informed and encouraging colleagues the same! Read the applicable labor laws, contact PRO/UAW and get their opinion, contact the Office of Labor Relations (UC in general and your compus specifically) and even though they won’t comment on specific union related issues they can tell you what your rights are and contact campus, local or national media outlets!

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