How the UAW was stopped in 2006

As noted in the History of PRO/UAW section, the UAW already tried in 2006 to fraudulently create a postdoc union. The tactics were the same as in 2008-2009, however at that time postdocs were more alert and active and the UAW was stopped. They patiently waited for 2-3 years so that postdocs involved in their first attempt would leave UC since postdocs are typically employed for 2-3 years. So they tried again in 2008 hoping that the new people haven’t heard about them before and their original tactics would work this time.

It’s important to review how exactly the UAW was defeated in 2006. Somebody from UCSF set up a website called, which is no longer operational, and postdocs unhappy with the UAW organized themselves around this site. Good news is that a snapshot of this site is still accessible and is definitely worth taking a look:

It details in chilling similarity the same stories as you can find on this blog, only the date is not 2008-2009 but 2006. The UAW used the exact same dishonest and fraudulent tactics to collect authorization cards.

Just as the UAW was stopped in 2006, they may be stopped this time too, if a small group of dedicated postdoc volunteers (who are currently employed by UC) are willing to put some time/effort/energy into it. Without a pushback from postdocs the UAW will have its way and will collect more than $300 annually from every UC postdoc.

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