Inform new postdocs!

Since the UC administration and the PRO/UAW union still haven’t reached an agreement during their negotiations and consequently there is still no collective contract (which is a good thing!) the union is still trying to recruit people using the same methods that they have used in the past. See the authorization cards section.

Since postdocs are employed for 1-2-3 years typically, as time goes by many of them leave. As a result, the authorization cards that the union has ‘expire’ so to speak, because the person who has signed it leaves UC. If the union would not do anything, after some time they would have no valid cards left. Hence, they are trying as hard as ever to collect cards using the same deceptive techniques as before.

The best targets for them are the new postdocs who potentially do not know anything about the unionization story so they are easy to fraud. Hence it is very important that new postdocs are alerted and are offered a complete picture about UAW and about unionization in general. Only then they can judge for themselves whether they want to sign the cards or not.

Please inform the new postdocs at your department about unionization and the past practices of UAW!

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