Still no contract

We have been asked this question by many.

The fact is that the UC administration and the union still has not reached an agreement. This means that there is still no collective contract. This also means that the union can not collect fees and dues. Once a collective contract is negotiated and an agreement is reached, the union will start collecting fees and dues, around $300-400 annually from every postdoc, including those who do not wish to be a member. Hence we hope the UC administration and the union will not reach an agreement for the foreseeable future.

Additionally, we are in the process of evaluating the best strategy for collecting signatures for ‘no representation’. These need to be collected, sorted, etc, and once we have 50%+1 they can be attached to a petition to be sent to PERB. Then the PERB organizes a vote and if the outcome is that the majority indeed does not want representation, the union will cease to exist. For more details please see the decertification section.

Stay tuned, once we have a good strategy for collecting signatures, it will be announced here and postdocs will be contacted so nothing will happen without all postdocs knowing about it.

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